Decide your doom…

You are the master of your fate

Some days it’s hard to decide if you want your fate in your own hands or not.

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“Jason’s work is wonderfully disturbing.” 

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Poetry Comics

Decide Your Doom

These stories are like the old Choose Your Own Adventure books.

This was a quick and dirty experiment. Most of the art comes from stock images and there’s a lot about the font size and presentation that I’m not happy with. However, I do like the concept. I have one more of these Decide Your Doom Pocket Edition stories that I’ll share next week.

I’m thinking about making a longer, more involved Decide Your Doom story with better art, a more legible layout, and different paths you can take with multiple steps before you find an ending. Would you be interested in a Choose Your Own Adventure-style book written for an older audience? Please let me know in the comments!

Make Cool Stuff

I love reading very short stories. I love to see how writers can build worlds and enchanting stories in just a few lines.

One of my favorite Twitter accounts is @MicroFlashFic. This account publishes 3 new, tweet-sized stories every day. Jesse Stanchak, the writer behind @MicroFlashFic also recently published a collection of his greatest hits. He writes stories in all kinds of genres.

Another one of my favorite writers of short fiction is Dascha Paylor. Dascha also writes in a bunch of different genres. Her stories are often a bit longer than a tweet, but rarely take more than two minutes to read. However, she packs in so much interesting detail and world-building, that I often go back and reread her stories several times.

She has a free Subtack called Fiction in 50 where she publishes here incredible stories a few times a week. You should go and subscribe to her newsletter right now!

Fiction in 50
World Traveler
Lotta didn’t mind being called bookish. Her library card was her ticket to freedom. First class to anywhere. As she read on her blanket in the park, Lotta watched a jet pass overhead, dreaming about far away, exotic places. Money no object, she visited them all. Have book, will travel…
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I am currently working on a collaboration with Dascha. I’m creating a comic strip from one of my favorites of her stories. It should be finished soon!

Thanks for reading!

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