The one with the interdimensional Guinea pig

What does your Guinea pig do all day?

There are no haiku comics this week. At least not the type of haiku comics I normally post. Instead, I’m posting some experiments from the past week.

Zip The Interdimensional Guinea Pig

As you’ve probably noticed, when it comes to my art, I’m a maximalist. I love using lots of colors and leaving no hint of white space. Each week I devote time to experimenting with new techniques, media, and forms. This past week I decided to create a black and white webcomic about a Guinea pig named Zip who has the ability to travel to different dimensions.

I created two strips and will be making more this week. It may become a regular feature of my work.


These two comics are part of my worldbuilding work for my next book. I’m creating what I call Fragments. These are pieces of lore, mythology, and culture from the wider universe that my story is set in. In my mind, these are things that an intergalactic multidisciplinary team has found and curated from the far reaches of the universe. These fragments will tie into the story as if unfolds across several books, But these fragments will mostly be tiny stories that suggest a larger world without the reader even getting the full context.

The prayer in the first comic is a haiku because I had to work haiku into my fictional universe.

Thanks for reading!

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