Welcoming the approaching darkness

I love summer, but I revel in the gloomy gray of fall

Looking out my window I see the weather has once again turned to a dreary drizzle.

I love it.

I don’t know if I’ve just lived in Oregon too long, or if my inner goth just delights in the dark gray days, but my soul feels refreshed by the sullen, wet autumn weather.

How are you handling the transition from summer to fall?

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Poetry Comics


Today’s comic is from a project I started over a year ago. I got stuck and decided to shelve it until I figured out what direction it needed to go. While working on a collection of short stories that I’m going to be releasing as a graphic novel before the end of the year, I got unstuck on the original project.

To give me a short reprieve from the short story project, and to capture my new direction on the older project, I created today’s page.

I actually shared several pages from this project last year. Then it was called Cosmic Wayfarer. It’s now called Ramble and I will be going back and redoing much of my earlier work. The concept remains roughly the same.

A lonely dwarf leaves his home planet of Midterrah under mysterious circumstances. He decides to wander the universe and writes about what he sees, while he decides if he’s trying to escape his past or discover his future. Ramble is a bit different in that there isn’t much plot. It’s mostly about the wonder of being in new places and seeing strange things.

Make Cool Stuff

Through the Woods by Emily Carroll is a stunningly illustrated series of dark fairy tales.

Some of the stories are a bit gruesome, similar to the type of stories I first encountered as an intrepid 5th grader at a school book fair in Alvin Swartz’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

Carroll is a master storyteller, weaving her prose and art together in surprising and brilliant ways. This is the book that I use as my standard in creating my own graphic novels.

If you want something creepy, beautiful, and compelling, pick up Through the Woods. Just think twice about reading it right before bed.

Be the weird you want to see in the world!