What do you do when stuck in an impossible situation?

Teach yourself to fly

Maybe it’s because I turn 45 in ten days—or maybe it’s because I watched The Green Knight this past week—but I’ve been thinking a lot about legacy. And death.

I had drafted another 500 words of navel-gazing drivel about my thoughts on death and legacy. But instead, I will let today’s comics do the work.

If you have any thoughts on what legacy means to you, I‘d love to hear them” Please feel free to leave a comment.

Poetry Comics

Personal Update

Today’s comics feature some new style elements I’m experimenting with. I’m also working with smaller file sizes to make it easier for you to read my comics on your phone.

I’m hard at work on two projects right now. First, the next issue of Haiku Pop will be out on August 28th. Second, I’m working on a collection of non-haiku poetry comics called (for now) Continuum. I’m wrestling a few poems into shape and need to create a lot more art. I’m planning to publish it next month. It will be a book of about 150 pages. It will be released in hardback and paperback.

I’d love to know what kind of poetry comics you’d like to see me make. If you have any feedback please feel free to leave a comment, reply to this email, or message me on social media.

Thanks for reading and sharing!

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