When Death Comes Calling

A chilling read for this Spooky Season

Welcome to a special Monday bonus issue! I recently had the pleasure of working with writer Dascha Paylor from Fiction in 50. I illustrated her story When Death Comes Calling. I love this story so much. It was an honor to adapt it to a comic. This was the first time I’d ever illustrated someone else’s story. It was a great experience and look forward to collaborating with Dascha and other writers in the future.

If you don’t already, you need to subscribe to Fiction in 50. Every week I look forward to reading the stories Dascha shares.

If need more convincing, you should read her recent story about a portal:

Fiction in 50
Castor wasn’t afraid of being alone. He’d been on his own since his parents had disappeared when he was fourteen. Always a loner, he had managed to avoid child services. He made rules. Never let anyone come to the house. Never give school a reason to call home. Keep up normal appearances. Always…
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Here is the comic we collaborated on:

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