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As someone from South Louisiana, where summer is basically 10-11 months out of the year, i long for interstitial seasons!

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Adolescence is also an interstitial season. I have a 12 yr old son. Gotta keep your eyes on him because he's changing so fast. Is and is becoming. An entity in flux.

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A few years ago I also added attention to the cycles of the moon more deeply

Today we have a new moon in the sky

The moon is a good phase for planting seeds with your hands steady, your feet calm on the ground, and as my sweet grandmother used to say, "put a little piece of the meat from your heart in there."

We are never alone

Sometimes we need many moon cycles for the seeds to germinate abundantly.

With each new moon reaffirming the desires, the seeds, planting what will be good food for us

When we pay attention to the cycles, they start to make more sense

It's good that at this point in life we can look at them

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Twenty-seven years

Ruler with an iron fist

Ruled as he saw fit

Sixty-five degrees

Cold for the Philippines

Under nose, a fire

Day of reckoning

February revolution



EDSA Revolution

Victory for truth


Glory on a month of rain

Freedom in the air

Long-time rain-shackles

Democracy thereafter

Two scores hence, a backsliding


The Philippines ran backwards


It’s “winter” again

Dictator’s son as ruler

Amnesia, his goal

Smell the petrichor

A rainy September day

History books changed

Slogans to unfreeze

Our petrified history

Back in streets, we rage

(Inspired by recent and historical political events in the Philippines. It does rain in February. Usually colder as well for the tropical standard. My best jab at the prompt, hope it isn’t cringeworthy, lol.)

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Should’ve been “ran back to” not “ran backwards”

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I do enjoy your artwork and haikus. At nearly 65, I am in an interstitial season- Not quite winter, fall not over.

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"The most interesting poetry to read and write is the kind that embraces the difficult and uncertain parts of living in a world where we cannot see what’s going to happen next.".

Love this. So true for me. So true in all.

Thank you

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please exit the door

of the interstitial bus.

we are not quite there.

I am with you Jason, almost! What a great word post!

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"Interstitial" is

my first, last, and middle name;

cf. "in transit."

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Desert summer heat

Wishing for Autumn to fall

But it’s a dry heat

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