What is Weirdo Poetry, and who are you?

Where I answer all your pressing questions and divulge far too much personal detail about my life.

Hi, I’m Jason McBride and I’m a poet, writer, and indie comic artist. For the past ten years, my “day job” has been as a freelance B2B copywriter. But, at night, and often during the day too, I write, draw, and create strange small stories, many of which are in the form of poetry comics.

I’m also a work-from-home dad. I’m the primary caretaker of our four kids and the one responsible for most of the house stuff.

I am the author of Pirate Haiku, Horror Haiku, and the author & illustrator of Quantum Joy Infinite Melancholy. I’m always working on new projects, including more haiku and poetry comic collections.

I’m also neurodivergent. I have an anxiety disorder and ADHD. I’ve also struggled with depression off and on most of my life.

What’s the deal with this newsletter?

Each newsletter is written like an informal snail mail letter but sent via email.

Here I help creatives overcome blocks, brainstorm ways to start and build creative businesses, and share exercises to increase mindfulness and creativity.

I also document my creative progress as I try and build a sustainable creative practice and business while keeping my kids clean, fed, and on time for all of their activities. I document this progress through regular letters to my creative friends. I share my struggles, insights, and triumphs. I also share the art I encounter that moves me. My goal is to bask in the joy of making and finding cool shit.

I started this newsletter about two years ago and it has gone through a lot of iterations. you can look at past issues if you want to see what it looks like when someone starts a creative project with absolutely no idea what they’re doing.

How often does your newsletter come out?

I send out a free letter to everyone on Tuesdays and a letter to paid subscribers on Fridays. Sometimes I send out bonus letters or poems.

Do you want this to be your main job?

YES! I would love to earn a fabulous living making, finding, and sharing cool art shit.

Do you have a family?

I am married to an incredible pediatric nurse and we have four incredible children and a mischievous dog named Loki.

Loki is not well trained, but he’s trying. He can sit and spin. Sometimes he will shake. He only stays if he thinks he will get cheese. He hates doing get help.

My kids range in age from 11 to 17 (three of them are teenagers!). I write about my kids a lot because they inspire me and I’m around them all the time. I never use their names instead, I refer to them like this:

K—(daughter) my oldest and almost an adult

E—(daughter) my second oldest and closer to the beginning of high school than the end

G—(son) my third oldest and a middle schooler who’s ready for bigger things

T—(daughter) my fourth oldest and the one who is most embarrassed by me

Did you steal this about page format from Edith Zimmerman of Drawing Links?

Also yes. You should check out her newsletter. It’s one of the highlights of my week.