I’m an Oregon-based writer, poet, illustrator, collage artist, and creative rambler. I create poetry comics, visual essays, creative non-fiction pieces, and fiction.

Weirdo Poetry is about noticing the world around us and feeling a sense of wonder about all of it.

I’m the author of Pirate Haiku, Horror Haiku, and the author & illustrator of Quantum Joy Infinite Melancholy, Wild Divinity, and Weirdoku: An Experimental Haiku Zine Series.

I publish a daily(ish) poetry comic, almost always a haiku comic, Monday through Friday. Each Thursday, in addition to the comic, I also share a haiku writing prompt and some thoughts about the process of philosophy of writing haiku. On Fridays, in addition to the comic, I share links and pictures of things that I’m excited about or intrigued by.

Occasionally, I also record and share voice memos with everyone that give behind-the-scenes looks at what I’m thinking about, researching, and working on.  

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Three of my favorite posts include Cursive Cigarettes, Our Worst Moments, and Eternity in Three Acts.

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Letters about making art, writing poems, and chasing wonder with daily(ish) poetry comics, Monday-Friday.


Jason McBride

Writer, Poet & Illustrator exploring how to live a gentler life. Author of Wild Divinity and other collections of poetry comics.